The Spanish Fashion of International Footwear Diversifies its Market to the North

The Spanish Fashion of International Footwear Diversifies its Market to the North


In the search for new clients, the Spanish fashion of international footwear widens its sales and addresses to the European north, especially Germany. Its goal is to boost sales and introduce its products in Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.





Even, it was noticed that the International Fashion Fair in Düsseldorf, which has landed in the international market, has become a trend in the sector, positioning Spain as the second country with more relevance in the event.

The Spanish fashion of international footwear aims to position itself in Germany through innovative strategies and creative ideas. Expanding to new territories is key to success in this industry, so forging alliances and introducing the brand as a fashion reference is mandatory.

Germany is the Most Attractive Destination for the Spanish Fashion of International Footwear

The Spanish footwear industry steps forward to get in Germany, a country whose inhabitants invest around 7% in the Spanish clothing business, approximately 800 euros per month.

Expanding the clothing businesses to the north of Europe has brought great advantages to this sector; however, the competition has increased in the last years. And it’s believed that the city of Düsseldorf is a favourite place for customers.

Even, the past fashion event in Düsseldorf counted with 25 Spanish fashion companies, representing more than 40% of businesses. There, the last novelties of each season and the best footwear products make appearance.



The Spanish Fashion of International Footwear and its Strategy through e-commerce

An excellent alternative to internationalize the Spanish fashion of international footwear is by email. A creative way to reach other markets is through online stores that offer shipping services to most of the European north.

We must point out that a certified logistic plan and an adapted distribution chained are necessary for sales to rise and for the strategy to success.

With the new normal worldwide, it’s essential to adapt to changes through digital media. Companies must invest in e-commerce, which allows them to internationalize their products and get noticed in various countries. In our business, we dispose of those characteristic required to success northward in the old continent. And we know what is essential in this market:

  • Customer’s trust.
  • Product trace.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Digital marketing strategy.

Positioning the Spanish fashion of international footwear in the first place is a challenge due to its competence, being Italy the first, Netherlands third, and France the fourth. But it’s interesting how the Spanish clothing, especially in the global footwear industry, has turned into a trend that denotes style, elegance, and glamour in places like Germany and countries of the European north.


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