How to Take Care of Your Footwear to Preserve It in Perfect State

How to Take Care of Your Footwear to Preserve It in Perfect State


The footwear is more than fundamental when it comes to looking your best and, unfortunately, spoiling it is easier than you can imagine.


Knowing how to take care of your footwear accordingly will allow you to show enviably impeccable shoes. Likewise, you’ll be able to wear them for years without sacrificing their elegance and commodity.

And the best part: you can preserve them spotless without investing too much in cleaning products. You just have to follow the tips we present below:


Avoid Wetting Your Shoes by All Means

Water is one of the worst enemies when talking about footwear because it can damage the sole tissues and other materials while it weakening the glue.

As soaking them is inevitable, you have to dry them up as soon as possible. Preferably, wrapping and filling them up with a newspaper or putting them in front of the fan.

Remember that the only shoes you can wash in the washing machine are the espadrilles.

The hair drier isn’t recommendable for this reason: the heat it produces can also damage the sore and the glue.


Use the Shoe Polish Only for the Leather Footwear

Some products, such as the polish cream, can prejudice your footwear irremediably. Products like shoe cream work perfectly for the leather, but they are harmful for fabric and rubber, among other materials.

When it comes to taking care of your footwear, you have to check out the manufacturer’s indications attentively. On the other hand, keep your shoes from corrosive liquids, such as chlorine and remover. Instead, use soft brushes and dry or wetted fabric along with common soap.


Keep Your Footwear in the Right Place

Put your shoes away in the closet, shelf, or inside their boxes and they will always look brand-new, even after months without wearing them.

Make sure you leave them in a dark, fresh, dust-free space. Likewise, fill them up with newspaper so that the paper takes care of the moisture.

Lastly, utilise a special insole to maintain the shape of your models, or any filling object adaptable to their form.


Clean the Stains as Soon as Possible

Stains become hard to remove as they dry, especially those produced by oil, paint, or mud. Therefore, you have to attack them at the first chance if you wish to preserve your footwear free from imperfections.

And how to do so?

Talcum powder is the best choice for recent oil stains. Once they aren’t wet, you must use strong removers, such as ammonia, and risk damaging your shoes.

As for the mud, use a piece of fabric before they get dry. If you can’t remove it immediately and the stain gets fixed, you can use a special brush, a dry cloth, and a shoe cleaner.

And as for the paint, just wet a piece of cotton with acetone or polish remover so as not to leave a single drop of paint.

Follow these four tips and your shoes will remain brand-new for years. Now, you will never have to worry about how to take care of your footwear nor sacrifice your good-looking appearance.