The Footwear Manufacturing in Elche

The Footwear Manufacturing in Elche


In this article, we’ll take a tour from the espadrilles to modern sports shoes; a journey through the history of the footwear manufacturing in Elche.

This story begins before the Industrial Revolution. Elche is a city and municipality localised in Alicante, and one of the few places where traditional craftsmanship is still alive.




At the beginning of the 19th century, traders decided to venture to the market of footwear manufacturing in Elche while preserving their tradition; these shoes were delivered to home. The lore arose with the origin of the sewing machine, growing exponentially with the arrival of the railroads and starting to export wholesale.


What makes the shoemaking in Elche so interesting is that the footwear used to be made with canvas. With this method, workers have to use the braiding machine along with a mechanic weaver. By then, this work required a considerable amount of employees, having more than 70% of them in this labour; this changed with the rise of industrial shoemaking.


In Elche, they specialized in footwear and dedicated to producing shoes for all genres: men, women, and children. Although such products denoted glamour, traders decided to sell them at affordable prices so that they could reach the international market and get noticed around the world.



The Footwear Manufacturing in Elche in the 21st Century:


Currently, the shoemaking in Elche has evolved and improved due to technological advances. This industry, though reduced, covers around 50% of the companies dedicated to shoemaking. Interestingly, the entrepreneurs of the 20th century invested their capital in this sector.

The industry, according to the statistics, generates over 10.000 employments. Elche has reached much popularity in shoemaking and has even participated in fashion fairs, such as the Futurmoda, which congregates designers and firms from all over the world.

Nowadays, the industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the entrepreneurs have had to seek new ways to export through digital media. This industry keeps booming, turning out high-quality footwear, which highlights elegance and innovation.



The Tradition of the Footwear Manufacturing in Elche Maintains Itself in the Time

The keys to success in this industry are adaptability and modernisation. Clients stick to the Elche footwear thanks to its modernity and unparalleled quality.

The tradition began with espadrilles manufacturing. Currently, it has endured since it has adapted to last year trends. Entrepreneurs keep betting for the industry that has positioned Spain at the forefront of the fashion sector: the high-quality footwear manufacturing in Elche.

If you want to look different, no doubt, you need to buy your shoes in Elche. It will be a different experience in which you’ll prove this footwear is excellent for every occasion. Plus, its anatomic moulds for shoes provide comfortable, tailor-made footwear for the client.



What are you waiting to enjoy the footwear manufacturing in Elche?






What are you waiting to enjoy the footwear manufacturing in Elche?